Membership Economy Solutions

Solutions to establish communities and societies around topics, assets and services. Example models include subscription services, list management and group activities.

Sharing Economy Solutions

Solutions that allow many people share an asset or service that may be out of reach for individuals. Sharing solutions not only give individual access to access and resources but increase the overall quality of life and business of a local community.

Commerce Solutions

Next generation retailing and commerce solutions once considered exclusive to flagship retail centers to your local community. Create retail and commerce solutions that works with mobile devices via QR Code, Beacons, NFC and smart cameras.

Events and Entertainment Solutions

Solutions offering sports fan engagement, festival and concert management, seminars and trade shows and club and venue clienteling. Ticketing, booking, balance account as well as leverage mobile interactions.

Media Solutions

Next generation solutions to deliver state-of-art media channels to a local community. Create pay-per-view, licensing and royalty solutions as well as display, audio and video broadcasts for a local community.

Smart City Solutions

Civic-based solutions to help create “smart cities” and “smart villages” around the world. Safety solutions, administration and logistics and access to public resources and information.